Strasbourg will have to wait

Today I was supposed to go to Strasbourg. Booked in the frenzy of a special offer from SNCF, I hadn’t realised at the time how physically tired I would be upon returning from my Italy trip. Yesterday, to be perfectly honest, I was so tired at the end of the day, that going to Strasbourg seemed like a chore. I was supposed to go there for just the day, leaving my house at 7 am to return home at 11 pm. A little too much for someone who has not spent one week-end at home since early June. Then, I thought, let me check the weather….and Strasbourg was predicted to have thunderstorms in the afternoon. That was the deciding factor and so, despite having a partially non-refundable ticket, I cancelled and instead enjoyed my bed and got up at 2 pm. Feeling so much better now.


However, in order not to disappoint, I will start today on a little retrospective of those trips I took prior to setting up this blog….that includes trips to Luxembourg, Vienna, Salzburg, Barcelona, New York and Corsica and, of course, more Italian towns. I will add a ‘retrospective’ column to this blog and try and keep you entertained even when I have to sleep or clean my apartment! Good plan!

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