New York New York

Start spreading the news… New York is THE city I feel I belong to the most. It’s really strange given I’ve never lived there …. and yet, something about the place speaks to me. I love it, and don’t know why…I see all its faults, cracks and limitations, quirkiness, ugliness and occasional heartlessness …and yet I truly and absolutely love it. The first time I went there I fell in Love with the city instantly and, at the time, put it down to its similarity to London, where I grew up and came of age. Yet, somehow, New York is more ME than London: less majestic, less historical, equally gritty but somehow, more alive. A recent trip to London made the comparison easier this time: whereas London is my first love….New York is the forbidden steamy affair! I just irrationally and inexplicably  LOVE New York. Shopping may have something to do with it. Midtown is a shopaholic’s Nirvana and during my very brief 30 hour trip I still managed an interlude to 5th Avenue…One and a half hours later I came out with a big smile on my face, one top, one pair of nice trousers, one bag and 3 pairs of shoes…. You couldn’t have enough choice for that mad spree anywhere else… So now I am enjoying my Parisian evening listening to Sinatra and musing over how cultured, elegant Paris is my home, yet New York has my superficial materialistic heart 🙂 image image image image image

Thirty hours in New York City

The madness of my current lifestyle will reach its peak tomorrow: I am flying to NYC for a meeting and I will have only 30 hours in the city. Two transatlantic flights within 48 hours, with my going to work upon landing back to Paris.  I don’t want to think about how good a shape I’ll be in at that point. The only important thing right now is getting there..I so hate crossing the ocean, and this time I’ll be doing it on the Airbus A380, the biggest passenger jet there is….a double decker, no less.

Fingers crossed!

image image image image

Belated birthday gift

Dear all,

Sorry I’d had no time to post anything new lately: work has been particularly crazy lately and there’s only that much one can do in 24 hours. I apologise for letting my followers down but I also know most of you are my friends and family. So here is an idea. You’ve missed my birthday this year…due to the distance most of you got away with no gift this time 🙂

So here is your chance to make it better: a colleague of mine here is Paris, a wonderful, kind, talented girl, is – when not flying around Europe and working around the clock as we all do – a very talented soprano. Her choir is doing a project, trying to stage Faust with crowd funding.

If you love me, donate to her project as my belated birthday gift. That’ll be present enough for me, as I will see the opera when staged!

Here’s the link and I know you will support it: