A Brief History of one of Opera’s Greats: Giuseppe Verdi

And now Verdi….

Lesley Koenig

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Giuseppe Fortunino Francesco Verdi was born October 9th, 1813 and died January 27th 1901. He was an Italian Romantic composer mainly recognized for his operas. Verdi is considered one of the preeminent opera composers of the nineteenth century. His productions are regularly performed in opera houses throughout the world and, surpassing the boundaries of the genre, a couple of his themes have long since been embodied in popular culture.

Giuseppe Verdi

Verdi was born the son of Carlo Giuseppe Verdi and Luigia Uttini in Le Roncole. As a child, Verdi and his parents moved from Le Roncole to Busseto, where the future composer?s education was greatly influenced by trips to the large library belonging to the local Jesuit school. Busseto was where Verdi was given his first lessons in composition. When Verdi was twenty, he went to Milan to continue his education. Milan?s beaumonde association…

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