When it rains it pours

Only in this case, it’s literally pouring.
Less then 24 hours to freedom! Vacation, my favourite work activity 🙂 I’m off to Italy, my ‘home’, the place that makes me feel happy and at peace every time I am there.
I am almost packed, cameras are charged and ready to fire and I am so excited, but for the rain…which is, apparently, there to stay as long as I will stay.
I am going to spare my heart and tired bones the excitement of another flight and I will be taking the scenic train ride through the Alps, leaving early on Saturday from Paris to Milano. I’ll be in Milano at 2 pm, rushing to catch the next regional train to Varenna, on Lake Como.
Two days later, I’m exchanging lakes, going to stay in Verbania, on Lake Maggiore. On Wednesday and Thursday night I’ll be enjoying a brief cultural interlude, attending concerts in Verona. Finally, for the last two days, provided some funds are left, I plan on a bit of shopping in Milano.
I am equally looking forward to getting away from work and people. I booked the most remote hotels I could find and plan on nothing but the joy of dolce far niente.
I will, however, be sharing some photos, depending on wifi availability and my wish to do anything other than admire my surroundings!



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