Belated birthday gift

Dear all,

Sorry I’d had no time to post anything new lately: work has been particularly crazy lately and there’s only that much one can do in 24 hours. I apologise for letting my followers down but I also know most of you are my friends and family. So here is an idea. You’ve missed my birthday this year…due to the distance most of you got away with no gift this time 🙂

So here is your chance to make it better: a colleague of mine here is Paris, a wonderful, kind, talented girl, is – when not flying around Europe and working around the clock as we all do – a very talented soprano. Her choir is doing a project, trying to stage Faust with crowd funding.

If you love me, donate to her project as my belated birthday gift. That’ll be present enough for me, as I will see the opera when staged!

Here’s the link and I know you will support it: