Trust and honesty in Denmark

Just got back from Copenhagen. I am exhausted so no witty post this time, but I think these photos summarize the feeling. What a trusting society!

Bar closes but drinks stay available πŸ™‚


Yet no-one is tempted…


Free bikes everywhere πŸ™‚


No wonder the locals are so Zen!


One thought on “Trust and honesty in Denmark

  1. Reading your post about Denmark brought back memories about our former prime minister and his comments in his book called ”My years as prime minister”.For good reasons I would like to quote: ”I visited about sixty different countries during my years as Prime Minister and I saw almost nothing of them.The pattern is invariably the same.You arrive at an airport that looks like every other airport.You shake hands with the welcoming party and inspect a guard of honour. You get into a big ,black car that looks like every other big,black car.You sit in the back seat with a Canadian ambassador or forein official,who briefs you non-stop all the way downtown about what’s to come,and seldom wastes the precious opportunity of having the ear of a captive Prime Minister to advance some idea or project.You’re taken to the best hotel,where you’re given the best suite, full of beautiful furniture and flowers and food ,all paid for by the host government.You don’t have a moment to sit down and enjoy any of it before you’re told you have five minutes to shower and get ready for your first appointment.One meeting follows another for a day or two,and you’re lucky if you can squeeze in a half-hour walk around the outside of the hotel.You never have any time to get into a shop or a home;you get to go to a theatre or a museum only if it’s on the rigid schedule;and if you ever try to go out to a cafe or restaurant on your own,the bodyguards get nervous and the press wants to know who’s footing the bill .And then you’re taken back to the same airport in the same car along the same road and sent home ,where the opposition accuses you of dodging the domestic issues and wasting money on some frivolous overseas holiday”.
    It seems that the only difference is in the job title!
    And to know some people have an easy job and get paid hundred times more!

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